Friflex Group Held a Discussion Panel on Retail at the Kazan Digital Week Forum

Friflex Group Held a Discussion Panel on Retail at the Kazan Digital Week Forum

On September 22, at the international forum Kazan Digital Week in Kazan, a discussion panel "Digitization of Retail: New Challenges and Opportunities" was held, organized by the Friflex Group.

Friflex has extensive expertise in the development of mobile retail projects. The company invited market experts, customers and partners to the panel dedicated to the development of digital projects in retail.

Kirill Parfentiev, Director of Digital Transformation at Dixy Group, Alexander Chukhontsev, Director of Loyalty and Partnerships at X5 Group, Dmitry Poluyanov, ex-Marketing Director of Komandor Retail Chain, and Irina Savelyeva, HR Director of the "Vkusno i tochka" franchising structure spoke about technological trends in retail. The discussion was moderated by Petr Chernyshev, CEO of Friflex.

Kirill Parfentiev spoke about technologies that allow filling the trading floor with virtual reality.

Alexander Chukhontsev spoke about the ways that customer behavior has changed in recent years and why a retail chain cannot do without a smart loyalty program today.

Dmitry Poluyanov outlined main digital tools used in retail, such as electronic shelves, electronic price tags, automatic cash registers, self scan, the formation of a client’s digital profile and its integration with the company’s information systems, personal digital assistants that simplify planning and making a purchase, face recognition and much more.

Irina Savelyeva outlined current trends in the labor market and answered the main question: “Why is digitization today.”

During the discussion, experts identified the main technological trends in retail:

  • cloud computing;
  • omnichannel;
  • two-way communication "business-client" in the dialogue mode;
  • predictive analysis and machine learning;
  • immersive reality (AR, VR, MR);
  • social commerce and integration with social platforms;
  • voice commerce;
  • smart loyalty programs;
  • advanced connections (advanced connectivity);
  • the future of mobility.

The Kazan Digital Week Forum is held annually and brings together representatives of various businesses and government agencies.


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