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Let's develop it on Flutter. Immediately for iOS and Android.

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Do you need an app for iOS and Android right away? We will develop it on Flutter

With cross-platform mobile development, we can cover two operating systems at once with one code: iOS and Android. First of all, this is profitable, because the monetary costs of development are significantly optimized. And secondly, this is fast - cross-platform development allows you to reduce the time to create an application by 40%.

What we do

We create a cross-platform application that allows you to solve business problems.


  1. Project study

    We sign the NDA. We study your terms of reference (TOR), and if it is not there, this also happens and it is normal - we send you a breef to develop a mobile application.
    By the beginning of the second stage, we have on our hands a description of the basic functions of the mobile application.

  2. We estimate the amount of work and choose a methodology

    We select a methodology suitable for the project: Agile or Waterfall.
    We study the technical documentation, calculate the estimated development and testing time. We identify scenarios not described in the TOR, plan a roadmap.

  3. We sign the contract and start working

    We follow a clear roadmap, work in sprints.

  4. Creating an application design

    We create a map of screens, graphic elements and a detailed (static or interactive) prototype, taking into account possible use cases.

  5. Approving the design

    We receive feedback from the business analyst and the client, take into account comments and make edits.

  6. Developing an application

    We introduce the development team that writes the code. At this time, the designer actively monitors the work and checks how the screenshots are implemented. The work is based on iterations — we develop part of the functionality, test it, and continue to work on the rest of the functions.

  7. Testing the application and fixing bugs

    With the help of our QA engineers connected to the project at the start, we test the site. We work on the test documentation. Before the release of the application, we do acceptance testing: pass business cases of the application.

  8. We publish the application to the stores

    We add the application to the app stores - App Store, Google Play or any other store at your request. An important point: in order for the application to pass the review of stores, you can ask the developers for help in the release, or you can prepare and upload the application to the store yourself.

  9. We continue to support and develop the applications we have created

    After the publication of the mobile application, its history does not end. We work on new features, improve them, and get feedback from users.


A ready-to-use, easily expandable and supported mobile app published on the App Store/Google Play. As well as the source code of the application and the documentation for it.

Let's develop it on Flutter. Immediately for iOS and Android.

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