Outstaffing to strengthen your IT team

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Not enough developers for the project? We will strengthen your IT team with our specialists

What is it

If you have tasks, but there are not enough specialists to solve them, there is no need to look for them yourself. IT is a candidate's market, and often the search for a specialist is delayed. We will provide the specialist you need: a developer, designer, project manager or someone else. And we will make sure that everything goes great.

What we do

You sign a contract with us, and we temporarily provide our specialist to perform your tasks.


  1. Getting Ready for Work

    You leave a request for the specialists you need.

  2. Select specialists

    We select the most suitable specialists for you and send you their resumes.

  3. Conduct interviews

    We start the interview stage, you choose the ideal candidate.

  4. Getting started

    We conclude a contract with you and connect specialists to your project.

  5. Report on the results

    Every month we discuss the results and calculate the actual work.


Your project is complete, the tasks are solved, and you are happy!

We’ll select a team of specialists

Start the project


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