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  • Client

    Magnit is a Russian chain of retail stores, present in almost 4 thousand localities of the country. According to data for 2020, Magnit consists of 15,000 small grocery stores, 500 supermarkets, 5,000 perfume and cosmetics stores, 1,000 pharmacies. Magnit employs more than 300 thousand people.

  • Task

    To create from scratch a convenient mobile application for the company's employees that would allow automating the solution of routine HR tasks, such as issuing certificates and at the same time the app which would increase the involvement of employees in the workflow – there are more than 300 thousand of them in the company.

    The idea to create a corporate application arose due to the fact that the HR department of the company spent a lot of time processing employee requests.

  • Solution

    Friflex has developed an internal scalable platform for automating communication with employees.

    Today, the HR department does not need to waste time recruiting employees. The request is processed through the app and then filled into a single tracking system. There, apps are processed within a shared queue.

    Now, through the app, you can get two of the most popular types of certificates: for the remaining days of vacation and a pay sheet – they are generated automatically without the participation of personnel from the HR department. Send out news to the company's employees, while targeting them with accuracy to the store.

  • Analytics

    Friflex analysts have done a lot of work on analyzing the metrics in the app, monitoring the response of each metric. An analysis was carried out to track more preferred functions through Apps metrics. The close interaction of analysts with the customer and developers, the clarification of clear requirements made it possible to quickly and correctly draw up technical specifications from the point of view of business and development and transfer them to development.

  • Product

    Laconic design

    The first step in creating the design was a clickable prototype design that realistically reflected the look of the future app.

    In the design, we strictly adhered to the client's brandbook. It is especially important for corporate products to maintain the continuity of the company's identity. The design of the application is made in the red and white colors of the network. We have developed a design system that will be further developed and refined with the development of the app.

  • Newsletter and targeting

    The Magnit chain has more than 20 thousand retail outlets. And it was extremely important for the customer to develop an option for targeting news messages sent to employees through the app. To determine the group of employees who will have access to the news, all available attributes established in the accounting system for the employee are used, such as: place of work / region of work / gender / age, etc.

    Newsletter and targeting Newsletter and targeting
  • Mobile App Security

    We were tasked with meeting the increased security requirements within the application. The security of the application is organized at the highest level - this concerns the safety of personal data.

  • Configuring the server infrastructure

    Fault-tolerant infrastructure that can withstand peak loads announced by the client. A CI/CD system has been deployed to upload code to servers. Monitoring and alarms are set up for all key parameters, for instant notification of possible problems on the servers.

  • Team and technology

    Two product teams worked on the creation of the app in partnership - Friflex and Magnit. From the side of Friflex in the team were:

    • 1.

      Project Manager and Technical Team Leader

    • 2.


    • 3.

      Two Q&A engineers

    • 4.


    • 5.

      Two Flutter Developers

    • 6.

      Two Python developers

    The app built with Flutter made it possible to release a finished product for two platforms in a short period of three months – the app runs on two operating systems iOS and Android.

  • Strong HR brand

    The company takes care of its employees. And the app is designed to be a warm, personal and reliable communication channel for the company and its big team.

    Strong HR brand
  • We turned to Friflex with a task from the HR department to create an effective mobile communication channel of the company with employees. Friflex worked proactively, professionally and smoothly, ahead of the deadlines laid down in the roadmap. An internal platform has been developed and launched from scratch in three months. We continue to cooperate with Friflex to launch new features 🚀.

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