Let's make an MVP together

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Have an idea, but no developers? We will provide a team and help develop a product with minimal functionality necessary to bring to the market

What is it

MVP (minimum viable product) is a product with the minimum functionality necessary for market launch. You need it if you want to present a project to investors, stakeholders or other influential people in order to get a budget.You plan to test your idea or want to get ahead of competitors and enter the market earlier.

What we do

We assemble a team to develop such a product within the agreed time and budget. We are developing a product. You're entering the market.


  1. Preparing for the project

    We communicate with stakeholders, highlight the main functionality of the product and the priority of each item, then note the limitations. Next, we discuss and agree on the budget, deadlines and the composition of the team.

  2. Getting started

    We approve the technical specifications, develop prototypes.

  3. Work in iterations

    We show you the results of our work — every 1-2 weeks. When all intermediate tasks are closed, we conduct beta testing or a presentation for investors.

  4. Product release

    Launching the project


Your idea has been implemented - the MVP is ready! We continue our cooperation.

Let's make an MVP together

Start the project


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