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Mobile applications
on Flutter

We develop mobile applications on Flutter for millions of users

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform application development technology. It is developed and supported by Google and is regularly updated. Flutter allows you to make an application for two operating systems at once using one code.

For users, applicatons on Flutter do not differ from the native ones. But for business, there are a lot of benefits.

Alibaba, Philips Hue, Hamilton, Tencent, Grab, Groupon, Dixy, Yandex.Drive and other major global and Russian companies already use Flutter.


Benefits of developing an application on Flutter for business

Lower cost
Budget savings, on average, range from 30% to 50%. You don't pay for two separate projects as you would with native solutions.
Higher speed
It reduces time to market. One Flutter developer can complete tasks of two natine ones in the same time frame.
Users will see no difference from native apps, as apps on Flutter work fast and efficiently.
Flutter apps are built for retail, banks, insurance companies and other businesses without restrictions.
More about Flutter

Our experience

An experienced team of Friflex Flutter developers has been working with the framework since the first beta version.
We create applications for major companies from retail, insurance, and sports.
Millions of users have our applications on their smartphones.
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Clients about us

  • Energogarant
    "بعد أن بدأنا التعاون مع Friflex ، نجحنا في حل مهمة بالغة الأهمية بسرعة وكفاءة - قمنا "برقمنة" عملية إصدار وثائق التأمينات ألكترونياً لفئات مختلفة من العملاء. أثبتت شركة Friflex نفسها كشريك موثوق به للغاية في مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات. نواصل التعاون مع الشركة في مشاريع أخرى ، بما في ذلك تطوير تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول ".
    الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة PJSC SAK EnergoGarant الكسندر دافيدينكو

    الكسندر دافيدينكو

    الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة PJSC SAK EnergoGarant

  • My Device

    "نحن نقدر تقديراً عالياً خبرة Friflex في تطوير التطبيقات والتحليلات ,والتصميم UX.

    الموظفين والمطورين لديهم فهم عميق جدًا لجميع العمليات والنهج الصحيح لبناء التفاعل بين عمل فرق العميل والمقاول. وبفضل هذا ، يصبح التعاون فعّالاً قدر الإمكان ".

     الشريك المؤسس والمدير التقني ل My Device أرتيم سيربوفكا

    أرتيم سيربوفكا

    الشريك المؤسس والمدير التقني ل My Device

  • Magnit Magnit
    "The team of Friflex performed services for analyzing metrics, preparing a design prototype, developing a design system, ensuring application security, setting up a fault-tolerant server infrastructure, and developing a finished application. The team's decision to use Flutter helped to release applications for iOS and Android quickly."

    Alena Drozdova

    Product owner, Magnit

  • Dixy Dixy
    "نظرًا للطلب المتزايد على الحلول التقنية، أردنا تطوير ليس فقط تطبيقًا، ولكن نوعًا من "المتجر في جيبك" الذي يساعد العملاء على إجراء عمليات الشراء. وقد فعلنا ذلك في شراكة وثيقة مع Friflex ".
    مدير تسويق Dixy فاديم ماكارينكو

    فاديم ماكارينكو

    مدير تسويق Dixy

Terms and cost

The cost estimate depends on the project, scope of work, technologies and approaches used. A more detailed estimate can be given, when we receive the completed brief or make a call with you.
4   months
average terms
3   MM rubles
average cost

How we work

We sign the NDA. We ask questions, find out the details of the future app and business goals of its creation.
Requirements specification
Requirement specification is studied carefully, in case you don’t have it, we help you to prepare it.
The app layout is made with clickable interface elements.
We think over a stylish design in the style of your brand or create a new one.
Prototypes are turned into reality. We work in iterations, demonstrating an intermediate result.
The product is checked carefully so that the app works for each user.
The app is ready for publication. It is published in stores.
Transfer of rights
We give the source code and development rights.
We ensure the correct operation of the mobile app after its launch and develop new features.

Free express audit of the application

We will identify drawbacks, give recommendations for their improvement, and find growth points.

Why do you need an application audit?

  • An application audit is required if it does not work correctly.
  • Users post negative comments about the work of the application and give low ratings which negatively affects the promotion of the application in stores.
Free express audit of the application

Friflex is a Flutter expert

We talk about technology in a simple and understandable language.
We participate in conferences and hold our own event, the largest conference on cross-platform development.
More about CrossConf

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