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Design efficient interfaces

What is it

We are developing the layout of the interactive interface. You will need this if you have a product idea and you want to see a functional UX layout that solves your business problems.

What we do

We create design prototypes, design systems, and make design reviews.


  1. Getting Started

    We connect the team: project manager (PM), UX-designer and business analyst.

  2. Define requirements

    PM, together with a business analyst and a designer, clarify your wishes for the functionality of the project and make a list of their degree of priority.

  3. Select scenarios

    Together with you, we determine from 5 to 7 most likely scenarios for using the application.

  4. Create layouts

    Based on your wishes, the designer creates wireframes, develops the style of the future application, creates screens in Figma and an interactive prototype, prepares all layouts for transmission to the developer. The analyst checks the layouts for compliance with the requirements.

  5. Approve layouts

    We coordinate layouts with you and make edits (up to three iterations).

  6. Completing the work

    We present you an interactive prototype in Figma.


Interactive interface layout in Figma. Finished product with UX/UI in accordance with the requirements and standards / Documentation about UX/UI. / Increase the engagement and loyalty of your customers.

Let's create an effective product design

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