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A big case of digitalization of the process of issuing electronic policies: Student-care, Sportsman, VHI-Franchise

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  • Client

    Insurance company PJSC SAK Energogarant is the largest insurance company in Russia. In 2020, the company set itself the task of large-scale digitalization of services. Friflex has become a partner in this.

  • Student-care


    The Student-care program is an insurance product for international students who come to study in Russia. The program includes the provision of medical and preventive care, calling a doctor at home, calling an ambulance, dentistry, emergency hospitalization and other.

    Energogarant Insurance Company is represented in 36 Universities in 16 regions of the Russian Federation. Before contacting us, insurance policies were issued manually through the operator.

    And what is important for a student? To avoid unnecessary calls and appeals. The faster and easier it is possible to issue a policy, the better.


    To create a b2c digital solution that will allow you to issue insurance policies to foreign students online in a few clicks.

    Tight deadlines — 5 weeks, because it was important to the client that the product was launched before the start of the school year.


    We took into account the business challenges facing the client and tried to simplify the procedure for issuing insurance policies. To do this, we have created a simple and effective web app, website and developed a personal account.



    We have launched a website that has become a new B2C sales channel. As a result, over 2.5 months of work, more than a thousand policies were issued using our product. By the way, it paid off in 1.5 months.

  • Product Sportsman


    To develop a web service that allows to issue an insurance policy online in 5 minutes. It is relevant since participants in sporting events often need to have an accident insurance policy.


    We started working on the service with high-quality analytics. With the help of BPMN diagrams, the processes of registration, verification and purchase of the policy were approved. After the diagrams were approved, use cases were written with technical refinements of the processes. Then the designers joined the work and issued approved requirements for design models and a clickable prototype.

    In addition to the registration of the policy, the client can promptly check the actions of the policy, having only its number. This functionality is very useful at competitions so that the organizers can quickly find out this information – most competitions require issued insurance policies of participants.

    Product Sportsman


    In May 2021, Energogarant started selling electronic insurance policies for athletes. Now Energogarant is actively developing the b2b direction in the insurance of athletes.

  • VHI-Franchise


    VHI with a deductible is a form of insurance that assumes that in case of seeking medical help, a small part of the cost of medical institution services (10-15%) is paid by the insured.

    For companies, the choice of VHI with a franchise provides an opportunity to offer their employees more clinics, provide wider medical coverage, without increasing the budget for VHI. Under the new VHI program with a franchise, more than 50,000 employees of Energogarant's corporate clients have already been insured.


    To create a web service that will enable employees of client companies to pay online bills based on VHI requests.


    Each insured person will be able to pay the deductible in their personal account. In your personal account, you can also view the list of available clinics and services at any time, and see the history of your requests.

  • Results

    Strong Partnership
    • 1.

      The process of issuing policies is digitized and implemented online.

    • 2.

      The Student product paid off in 1.5 months.

    • 3.

      The Sportsman product is developing in segment b2b - Energogarant has begun cooperation with the largest sports federations in Russia.

    • 4.

      Friflex has become a reliable IT partner for Energogarant.

  • The digitization of the policy issuance process has significantly increased sales figures for many products: Sports Accidents, Student Care and others. We scale this solution into other insurance products, where the factor of operational registration and provision of insurance is important. Thanks to Friflex solutions, Energogarant offers its customers a modern, convenient, reliable service, the implementation of which is reflected in the growing sales figures for insurance products, where Friflex solutions are used.

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