Experts of Friflex Group Held an AI Meet-Up for MAI Students

Experts of Friflex Group Held an AI Meet-Up for MAI Students

On October 20, 2022, an online AI meetup from Friflex specialists was held at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

Andrey Nesterov, a ML-specialist, Friflex, spoke at the meetup. In his speech “Introducing Computer Vision and Its Applications”, Andrey talked about what computer vision is and where it is needed, looking at the historical perspective of this field. The presentation included tips and tricks for students starting their careers in machine learning.

Gleb Papchikhin, ML-specialist,Friflex, in his report “Synthetic Data Generation With Blender”, spoke about an alternative approach for data collection – creating photorealistic images through Blender – an application for 3D modeling. In particular, it was about how to work with Blender not through the user interface, but through the API.

Ruslan Grimov, ML Team Lead, Friflex, made a presentation on “Action Detection on Video: Analysis of the ‘NFL 1st and Future – Impact Detection’ Competition on the Kaggle Platform”. He talked of where students can get experience, about competitive platforms, about his experience of participation, and analyzed in detail the solution for one of the competitions. Modern approaches for working with tasks of action recognition on video were also analyzed in the report.

The Friflex AI division develops products based on AI. idSport's sports digitization products are used by athletes all over the world. For example, idChess, a platform for digitizing and broadcasting chess games, allows you to recognize and broadcast chess games played on a real board using only a mobile phone. This innovative product is used by chess players all over the world and has already made chess accessible to fans thanks to the ability to quickly and easily set up the broadcast of games for a wide audience.

The authors of the best questions to the speakers received stylish Friflex merch as a gift.


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