Hi, it's Friflex!

We develop mobile apps and websites that are used by millions, and help to develop business with the help of technological solutions.

Our mission is to create successful custom products that make life more convenient, as well as simplify and optimize business processes, offer new digital solutions.

  • Friflex is an international IT company

    We work in Bahrain, Russia and Armenia - bringing together the IT community and consumers of IT products for a global audience.

    Part of our team works remotely, but this does not interfere with the development of a corporate culture and strong, reliable cooperation.

    Our offices
  • We form a community and play chess

    Since 2018, we have been holding FinChess - a chess tournament among financial, IT companies and the media. This event was born out of our corporate tradition of Friflex to play chess with colleagues.

    Out of love for chess and a desire to make a cool product for chess players around the world, we came up with idChess – our flagship project in the field of digitization of sports. Here we talked about it in more detail.

    We form a community and play chess 1
    We form a community and play chess 2
    We form a community and play chess 3
  • Sharing our experience

    We specialize in cross-platform development of mobile applications, we develop Flutter development in Russia. In our team 15 + strong Flutter developers.

    We openly share our experience in cross-platform applications. Our employees teach at Russian universities and programming schools. In September 2020, together with the Otus online educational platform, we launched a programming course on Flutter.


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