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Urgent project, but not enough employees? We will select a team of specialists who will help to solve all problems in 2 weeks

What is it

Do you urgently need to finalize the project or speed up the release? Within 10 days of receiving the task, we will allocate a team of specialists in accordance with your goals.

This is necessary when:

  • you have only a couple of weeks to create or expand a development team with specialists suitable for soft and hard skills;

  • you are planning to run several projects at once;

  • you want to reduce technical debt (from 8 weeks);

  • you strive to achieve greater efficiency, and your team pulls back;

  • the number of people in the state is growing, but for some reason the number of releases is not increasing.

The minimum period of work of our team is 1.5 weeks.

What we do

We assemble a team of high-class developers for the necessary tasks to understand the code and establish processes.


  1. Getting started

    We select our own project manager (PM), with whom you will communicate. No unnecessary contacts and questions. One specialist — and you are aware of everything.

  2. Create a Roadmap

    PM defines a list of tasks for every 1-2 weeks for a period of 2 to 4 months (depending on the tasks).

  3. We select a development team

    We introduce specialists into your project. You can choose the composition of the team yourself or rely on our experience.

  4. Start operation

    We work using the Scrum method, demonstrate the results at the end of the iteration and regularly publish releases.

  5. Completing the phase

    Together we approve the results, move on to the following tasks.


Projects are created and working perfectly, debts are eliminated.

We’ll select a team of specialists

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