Application for a chain of DIY hypermarkets

Development of an app for a chain of DIY hypermarkets


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  • Client

    • Maxidom is the first Russian chain of hypermarkets for home improvement and summer cottages, for construction and design.
    • 22 hypermarkets in 7 regions of Russia
    • 60K items in stock
    • 2 million customers in he loyalty program
    • 45K customers daily
    • Doubled annual growth in online sales
  • The task is to create a convenient sales channel

    The mobile solution should become a new convenient sales channel for customers who have a habit of using the website. The mobile app and the website should be synchronized, display custom offers for users, current product positions, and synchronous discounts.

  • Solution

    Catalog and search, sorting, availability check, and smart filter

    In the app, it is easy to find goods of different categories, from a coffee table to a milling machine, using a 4-level catalog structure. They are grouped optimally so that the search doesn't take long and so that the groups and categories are understandable. At the top of the screen, there is a search bar to search for a specific item by its name or brand.

    It is convenient to apply a filter by country of manufacture, model, capacity, and other parameters. The filter does not allow you to select categories that are not in stock, so you do not have to look at the product cards that are not available. Some parameters in the filter are marked with checkboxes, for example, model selection. For parameters such as power, you can set the range using the sliders.

    In the search results, there will be cards of only products in stock, in each card you can see which stores have them.

    In the search results, by sorting products, you can see cheaper products first, and then in ascending order.

  • All the most profitable and interesting offers are in plain sight

    "So as not to get lost in a huge selection, like Matthew McConaughey in a parallel reality in Interstellar, the user receives tips on the main page. There is a large Discounts icon, where the main discount offers are displayed. Next are the best deals: bestsellers, popular brands, novelties, and products on sale. Each selection is represented by several positions.
    There is also some customization: the ""You may also like"" product recommendation based on customer's preferences. It is formed using the Retail Rocket service, integrated into the app."

    If the user goes straight to the catalog page, they will see discount stickers in the product cards and understand what items are new or on sale.

  • Loyalty card at hand

    The card in the app replaces the plastic one. Users can link it to their account and use it both for online and offline shopping. You can easily find the card, it is located at the top of the main screen, but it won't bother you: you just tap it if you need to show the card at the checkout. Similarly, we get a regular card from a cardholder or wallet.

    You can use the card in the app to apply a discount or get points.

  • Unified cart, price details, delivery

    To simplify online shopping, the cart with selected goods is formed in such a way that the order is automatically divided into parts if the goods are in different stores. But the purchase remains the same for users, and they can pay for it as one order. At the same time, the user sees the shipped time from different stores.

    In the shopping cart, customers can see the details of their discount, they can use the Maxidom card, enter a promo code, and use the loyalty program.

    As purchases are often made by representatives of construction companies, in the app, one can link the details of a legal entity using a search by TIN to make payments from the company's account. When ordering, a purchase estimate is automatically generated. You can download it in PDF format or share using the Share button.
    When registering, the customer sees a choice of delivery options: self-delivery from the store or delivery by the CDEK service. If you select self-pickup from the store, the app offers to lay a route on the map to the desired hypermarket.

  • Barcode Scanner

    The user may need a barcode scanner in several cases.

    • In a store if they need to see product information and price. You can open it on the main page, it is located in the search bar in the upper right corner.
    • The barcode scanner is also useful when a customer needs to buy a higher quantity than a current product stock level. In that case, the barcode scanner allows the customer to quickly order the same product in the desired quantity.
    • Or it may be the case that repair workers need to know specific characteristics of supplies they have at the site. So they can quickly find everything in the catalog and get detailed information.
  • Reviews, share, reviews

    The application allows you to communicate with customers, get reviews and answer questions.

    In the product card, the user can rate their purchase, leave reviews, or study the reviews of other customers before buying. The card also has the Share button. Using it you can send a link and details about the product through instant messengers and other services.

    In the menu there is a reviews section for user questions that are processed by the support service.

    “The mobile application helps customers find products and place an order. This is a convenient environment that makes buying quick and comfortable. This affects the loyalty of customers. They return to shop again, because they have repeatedly made sure that everything works smoothly and without failures, and they have everything at hand – from a discount card to the status of orders and the purchase history,” says Tatiana Zhurina, IT Project Manager, Maxidom

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