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  • Client

    "My device" is a service for long-term rental of useful devices without collateral and deposit. It was launched in 2020 as a subscription-based electric scooter rental service, and later also began to provide game consoles, bicycles and home exercise equipment. Now "My device" operates in Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Ufa. In May 2021, the service attracted a second round of investments – $ 475 thousand (about 35.15 million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on May 15).

  • Task

    To create two versions of the mobile app at once. The first one is for users who rent a device for themselves. The second one is for couriers of companies that rent devices (for example, scooters) and use them for work.

    It had to be done in a very short time – we launched the first version of the application in stores 1.5 months after the start of work.

  • Solution

    Mobile app on Flutter
    • 1.

      Develop an app for two platforms at once.

    • 2.

      Work with a single code base.

    • 3.

      Save time and budget on development.

  • Product

    Prototype and Custom Script Study

    First, we drew BPMN diagrams (business process diagrams) to identify and describe the basic processes implemented in the mobile application, for example, the first user/courier login or subscription purchase.

    After defining these basic processes, we formulated functional requirements and drew a UML diagram with use cases for clarity.

    At the last stage, the usual flowchart was applied to fix the structure of mobile apps.

  • Stylish design

    One of the client's requirements was that the logic (UX) of the two mobile applications should be almost the same. This is necessary so that the user can easily switch from one application to another. Paints/colors (UI) should be different, but fully match the style of the brandbook.

    A strong contrast was chosen for the two mobile applications so that it could be understood on any screen which of the two applications is open on the device.

    My Device for individuals

    My Device for individuals

  • App for two different categories of users

    We have launched two apps for different categories - users and couriers of companies.

    The apps are similar in their logic, but there are still differences:

    • 1.

      At the registration stage, the courier indicates the company where he works. If the company is a partner of the service, he will receive a discount. My Device cooperates with the largest delivery services, among partners - Delivery Club, Yandex.Eda, Samokat, Okolo, Yandex.Lavka, Dodo Pizza and other companies.

      My Device for couriers

      My Device for couriers

    • 2.

      The choice of devices for a regular user and a courier is different. Based on this, we proposed to simplify the interface of the courier application for simplicity and to reduce the number of clicks.

      My Device for a regular user

      My Device for a regular user

      My Device for couriers

      My Device for couriers

  • Analytics and CRM design

    Another task that we faced was the creation of CRM. Together with the client, we formalized the business requirements for the CRM system, described business processes using BPMN diagrams. An important goal was to ensure the interconnection of numerous components of the system and the efficient operation of processes.

  • Perfect concept

    For simplicity and clarity of understanding of business requirements, it was decided to create the concept of a UX/UI ideal system. Before starting work, a team of designers and analysts studied the best practices with similar developments and offered their vision. During the discussion, edits were made, and we came to a common agreed concept.

    After the received UX/UI design concept, an analysis of possible implementations of the perfect CRM system was carried out, where various development paths were considered. Based on the results of the analysis, it was decided to develop on the framework from scratch. To date, a team of analysts and programmers are working on a CRM system.

  • Service scaling for different regions

    The mobile app is adapted for work in different regions - the user sees the current catalog according to the selected city. In the target version, the user can see the full possible directory for the region to leave the requisition. Thus, the franchisee will understand the demand for the device and will be able to add it to the catalog in the region.

    In the mobile application, when subscribing, you can apply for protection on your device, as well as choose the method of receiving the device and payment options – in the office or by delivery. Acquiring is enabled in the application for making payments and there is a feedback function.

  • "We highly appreciate expertise of Friflex in application development, analytics, and UX design.

    The guys have a very deep understanding of all processes and the right approach to building interaction between the work of the client's teams and the contractor. Thanks to this, cooperation turns out to be as effective as possible."

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