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Mobile development on flutter

The course will help you learn how to write multiplatform mobile applications using the same code base for iOS and Android.
You will learn a new Dart language. This language is very flexible and easy to use. That is why the developers of Flutter chose it. Having mastered Dart, you will be able to write Android, iOS, Web and even Desktop applications;
You will understand how Flutter works from the inside. Flutter is simple enough to start solving problems with it on the first day of training. But it is very important to understand how it works so as not to make critical mistakes.;
You will be able to use platform-specific code for integration with the native part of the mobile application. If you need access to hardware or some complex module that is demanding on performance, then Flutter can interact with native code and solve even these tasks;
You will be able to create your own animations. The ability to create animations is very well developed in Flutter. And this is understandable, because Flutter uses Skia. So we'll figure out how to create almost any animation using Flutter without any loss in performance.;
Learn how to use modern libraries and frameworks. We will analyze the most popular frameworks for working with the application state: Bloc, Redux, Mobs. Let's see how to organize DI in Flutter using the example of inject.dart and the get_it framework.

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